Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Party Favors!!!

The Bradford Blog Bash is winding down, but this week is packed with soooo much Bradfordly goodness...I just can't contain my excitement. Here are some of the highlights:
  • NOW YOU SEE HER. Our fav author, Micol, has created a special vid that explains that interactive collection of web stuffs we like to call the Bradverse. She's super cute in it—especially right after the first cutaway—AND she manages to do a great job of explaining just what all this crazy internet stuff is all about. Let us know what you think, and spread it around! (It's also available on the FlirtyGirlBooks YouTube channel, if you have trouble embedding it from Vimeo.)

  • ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE. Thanks to suggestions from Alea, Noah, and others, we've launched an official BradfordWiki!!! This is a special collection of articles about the series that's meant to be written for the fans, BY the fans. We've created a few article stubs just to get you started, but this is a place for YOU to share your Bradford knowledge with other readers! (In particular, I think Alea is interested in someone deciphering some of that unique Bradford slang...anyone out there willing to help her out?)
  • PARTY FAVORS. We've just added some fun new GoldenGirl-themed avatars/chat icons and wallpapers to the Bradford Novels downloads page. Deck out your desktop like a Fashionista, or satisfy your inner Paige (or Mads, or Spence, or Regan) by switching your chat icon.
  • THE GRAND FINALE. I know it's been a long and crowded party (thanks, authors, bloggers, and photo shoot cast & crew for giving us so many posts!) but you need to keep up your energy for a few more days! Not only do we have some really exciting posts this week, but we're planning two grand prize-ish giveaways (okay, so they're not a trip to Tahiti, but they're more than just a book). One's for a random commenter to any post from this week—multiple comments = multiple entries, natch—AND the other's for a random commenter to ANY POST FROM THE ENTIRE BLOG BASH (same rules apply). So, you're probably already entered to win one of the grand prizes!! How great is that? Now, let's get to work increasing your chances of winning by sharing your thoughts with us!


  1. OMG and EL OH EL--what a dork I am. I can't believe you guys talked me into that goofy vid!
    I have already downloaded MY "GoldenGirl" wallpaper, natch! And am pulling together a few MORE author interviews as we speak.


  2. So I thought I commented but maybe it didn't go through! I love the video! And yay for the Wiki, I can't wait to hear about the slang and also some of the designer outfits the characters wear!

  3. Alea, glad you liked the vid! Feel free to CONTRIBUTE to the Wiki if the spirit moves you!

  4. Sounds like there is some great stuff happening in the Bradford world. I will have to check out the downloads page!

  5. Yes! And help us to build up the Wiki!

  6. I love the whole idea of the wiki. I'm going to try to come up with something to add. I don't know what yet, because my creativity is running dry lately.

  7. Alea, if you have specific words/phrases you'd like explained in the wiki, let me know and we'll post a stub so someone can define them.

    Shalonda & anyone else—let me know if you need any help/have any questions about how to contribute to the wiki. I've become somewhat of an expert in the past 48 hours. :) (BTW, isn't it pretty? I'll be adding more character stubs with photos soon!)

  8. I hope I win a prize...

    Well, I'll have to look at those downloads.