Thursday, February 12, 2009

In NYC? Come Party!

As much as I LOVE a good Blog Bash, I'm thrilled to announce that the lovely people at MediaBistro (aka, the organization through which I teach my YA writing workshop) are sponsoring a Bradford Novels launch party next week!

The party will be held on Thursday, Feb. 19th, at Ferro's restaurant (50th street and Lex) from 6:30-8:30pm. We'll have snacks and drink specials (including the ultra-very "Bradford Bellini" cocktail).

Here's the link to the MediaBistro listing:

Please forward along to any friendlies you think might be interested in attending, but note that if you're going to stop by, you should RSVP via the MB website.

Whee! FunFunFun!

Now, to get my hands on a tiara sometime between now and next Thursday!


  1. oh that sounds so cool but I won't be going down to the city again until the 21st.

  2. Yes, I think we should all bring our tiaras along. Spencer would def approve.

  3. We'll have a Bradford Bellini in your honor, Sharon!

  4. (I'm totally hitting up Party City and bringing some tiaras to the party!)