Monday, February 16, 2009

Awesome Authors: Lauren Myracle

Micol says: Lauren Myracle has been a favorite author of mine ever since I heard her read from Rhymes with Witches at a Barnes and Noble in NYC. Her book was grabby and girlie and spooky all at once...the perfect precursor to her most recent release, Bliss, about a girl who moves from a commune to an idyllic suburb only to learn that her new picture-perfect school is, in fact, perfectly haunted.

Of course, Lauren is perhaps best known for her best-selling "Internet Girls" series, TTYL, TTFN, and L8R, G8R, which are are written completely in IM.

A Vermont College alumn who writes in innovative, media-savvy formats? Why does that sound so familiar?

Lauren is WAY busy working on her newest IM book AS WE SPEAK (which, yay!), but—OMG!—she was kind enough to shorthand a few questions for us.

Best thing about writing entirely in IM's:
oh, baby! best thing = not having to play by the rules of SCARY STANDARD ENGLISH. or maybe best thing = no setting! me hate setting! me luv dialogue! or maybe best thing = pretending to be a kid again and just being goofy? easier to be goofy in IMs then in a serious literary novel. which, uh, yeah. isn't likely to come from me anyways... ;-)

Most scandalous thing that has ever happened to you, or to a friend because of you? Bonus points if said scandal involves im/email/blogging: oh, dahlink. like i'd ever share my secrets with the whole internet world. i will happily share a friend's secrets, tho! she will go unnamed. or rather, she will go by...Mathilde, and be sure to pronounce it all Frenchy.

well. once upon a time, Mathilde had a bf that none of her bff's liked. her bff's started behaving VAIR VAIR badly, by not inviting Mathilde to events for fear she'd bring bf. at least, that's what Mathilde suspected was going on--and then one sad day, her suspicions were confirmed. she got this email, c? and it was sent to the whole group of bff's, *including* Mathilde. only, it wasn't for Mathilde's eyes, oh no it wasn't. it was full of stuff like, "oh, i just hate Bertram, don't u?" and "i don't even want to ask Mathilde to book club, cuz what if she brings B?" and "u know our party next friday? let's say we cancelled it, k? i mean, more mathilde...i feel really guilty...but I CAN'T TAKE IT IF SHE BRINGS B!!!!!"

well. so mathilde gets, reads, weeps. (i wld 2, wldn't u?) then, BAM! a 2nd email appears in her inbox saying, "M! IGNORE THE OTHER EMAIL! DO NOT READ!!!!!"

yeah, uh-huh. can u say, "2 late, u traitorous bff?" so that is the sad, sad story of Mathilde, and what can go wrong with the dangerous REPLY ALL button. +shakes finger sternly+ consider yrself warned!

Your #1 must-read blog: oh. well, um, yeah. hmmm. i know!!!!! my sister's! +puffs chest importantly+ her name is Susan Rebecca White, and she's vair vair fab, and her website (where her blog is) is and guess what?!!! +squeals and jumps around spazzerifically+ she's a writer, 2! a really awesometatiousful writer!!!! and her first novel came out, like, yesterday, and it's called Bound South, and there is intrigue! lust! hilarity! wickedness! it all goes down in the pastel-tinted South, which susan knows all about and discusses very amusingly in her blog. so that's my must-read blog, and y'all must read it 2. promise? fabulous. l8r, g8r! <3 <3 <3


  1. Hi,
    Susan Rebecca White here, Lauren's little sis. Just wanted to add that my #1 must-read blog is the bloggity-bloggity on

    It's cute, fun, and funny. Worth every penny. And what's even better--it's free!

  2. OMG another Internet Girl book! (Wait- I didn't know that's what the series was called. And I call myself a fan!?! sheesh)

    I have an embarrassing text story. A friend wanted me to do something that I didn't want to do (totally benign but I REALLY didn't want to). I sent a text to my hubby complaining about it...turns out I sent that text to my friend and NOT my hubby....sigh. I was forgiven and I didn't do what she wanted me to do. But I have learned to DOUBLE CHECK who I am sending stuff to!

  3. Oh, the sisterly love is just making me feel all warm and fuzzy!
    Meanwhile, Sandi, your text story sounds a lot like the dreaded "reply versus forward" email errors. I try to always triple check before sending ANYTHING for exactly that reason.

  4. Yay for Lauren!! I love her, and I had NO IDEA she was writing another Internet Girls book- that's awesome!! :) I can't wait for it.

    Great interview!

  5. I know, I have "Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks" on order. Can't wait to read it!

  6. I can't keep up with Lauren! She's always putting out amazing books that I am dying to read.

    Keep 'em comin' Lauren!

  7. Peace,Love and Baby Ducks! I also have that on order.

    New IG book?! Exciting. Hmm, I can't wait to hear the title that escapes from Lauren's wonderful title mojo bubble of fun.

  8. I can't wait for Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks! And I haven't read Rhymes With Witches or Bliss yet, but I really want to!