Monday, February 16, 2009

Mondays with Micol: Double Feature

To celebrate the beginning of the last week of the Bradford Blog Bash, we decided to do a double feature for Mondays with Micol. So read both Q&A's and then comment on one or both to be entered in this week's giveaway.

Would you want to attend Bradford Prep?
I actually attended a private day school that was similar to Bradford in that academics were strongly emphasized and there was a LOT of pressure on students to perform. And I was always a bit of an overachiever: student council, newspaper, yearbook, lit mag, in addition to honors classes and AP track and that sort of stuff.
(Gawd, I'm making myself sound like a HUGE nerd. But there you have it. Would it help if I told you I was also a cheerleader for a brief stint? 'Cause I was.).
So I think intellectually, I would have been prepared for a place as rigorous as Bradford. Still, though, my school was very small, so as much as we had our cliques, the social life wasn't quite as cutthroat as it is at Bradford. The mean girl culture might be hard to adjust to.
All that being said—who wouldn't want to go to Bradford? The glamour! The drama! The outfits!

Which Bradford character did you think you'd hate, but end up bonding with?
I have a soft spot in my heart for poor Kaylen, who is so cripplingly insecure and transparent. I thought I would find her annoying and needy, but actually, she's lots of fun to write, and she brings out my sympathy and pity. I hope she has a chance to come into her own later on as the series evolves.

So, two questions for you, friendlies:
1. Would you want to attend Bradford Prep & why/why not?
2. Of all the scandal-mongers, frenemies, and bizznatches out there in the Brad-verse, which one do you LOVE to hate?

Tell us what you think by this Thursday at midnight EST, and you'll be entered in this week's giveaway. Since there are two Mondays with Micol questions this week, you'll get an entry for each question you comment about—that's two chances to win, just for letting us know what you think! We'll use a random number generator to select a winner, and will announce the lucky recipient in Friday's post. Good luck!


  1. 1. I think I would like to attend Bradford Prep because it is chique! and I think a far more better school than wich I attended..
    2. Would love to hate Spencer Grace Kelly, because she seems like a to perfect person ; )

  2. Yeah, Spencer does seem to have it all! But she's nice, too, which makes her hard to hate (IMHO).

  3. You said you hope Kaylen has a chance to come in to her own in the coming novels, do you not have the plots planned out in your head?

    And I don't think I would want to attend Bradford Prep simply because I really liked my little tiny (seriously, i graduated in a class of 58 people) high school. it just seemed to fit me.

  4. My graduating class was 60 students, so believe me, I get it.
    As for plots--we have books 2-4 plotted out, but you never really know what sort of subplots are going to emerge until you get down to the actual writing. And we are still leaving ourselves open for what may unfold with our characters for future titles in the series!

  5. i would like to attend bradford. it seems so high class! almost too good for little ole me. i think i'd hate paige at first, but she does seem to be a really good person to the people she considers her friends.

  6. I've never attended a private school, but I'd be willing to give it a shot. I'm used to HUGE public schools, so it would be different, but different is good, right?

    I would like to say Paige, but I'm going with Tyler. I know that earlier I said he'd be the one I'd date because it is the ultimate "it guy", but he also seems like the ultimate jerk. He seems very shallow and self centered, and I can't stand guys who think more highly of themselves than the girls they are with. I could have him totally wrong, but right now that's what I think of him.