Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's a Party!

Hey friendlies:

I'm off upstate near the Delaware River, communing with nature and being vair vair serious about my writing.
(Also? Dealing with satellite Interwebs, which is why all of my posting has been so spotty of late. Props to Liz for helping a sister out with the slack).

One thing that is NOT serious, however--in that it is ALL ABOUT funfunfun--is that the launch of Fashionista is well underway! My author copies arrived the other day and they are gorj. Gorj, I tell you. You've already seen the ultra-fab trailer that Liz posted the other day (it totally makes me SO CURIOUS to learn all of Mads' secrets, and--DUH!--I'm the one who wrote them!). But between now and 8/25 (our official launch date), you can check out Paige's blog, an uber-insider's account of her time at Zephyr.

We're also going to be running new exclusive content on the other Bradfordians' blogs, so if you aren't following those yet, keep your eyes peeled. And Mads herself will be running exclusive interviews with other fashion-type peeps, and offering up awesome giveaways in the process. This will all culminate in a MOST VERIEST Twitter party, (date TBD), wherein you can test your knowledge of all things Bradford, and win many loverly prizes.

What more can I say?
Watch. This. Space.



Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fashionista Launchy Goodness!

Sorry we've been so quiet recently, but we've been gearing up for an amazing FASHIONISTA launch and working on Bradford #3. But it was worth the wait, because now we've got a bunch of blogiddy goodness for you, counting down to the launch of Fashionista later this month.

First, hot off the presses (or the iMac, more likely), is the trailer for Fashionista.

Let us know what you think of it, and please feel free to repost it.

Second, fan-favorite character Paige is going to be sharing her deepest, darkest secrets from her second stint at Zephyr all this month at her blog, The Detox Diaries, in what we like to call Bradford blogisodes.

She'll be opening up the privacy settings on the posts she wrote while she was involuntarily shipped off to the island rehab retreat so you can take a peak. Her posts will bridge the gap between GoldenGirl and Fashionista and let you know EXACTLY how she feels about Regan weaseling her way into Paige's inner circle and what Spencer did to her at the end of book #1, among other things. So, if you want the inside scoop, be sure to add her blog to your RSS reader, or check her blog during the week for updates.

Finally, with help from the YA blogger who runs Alley of Books, we're planning a Fashionista Twitter Party with author Micol Ostow for later this month, which will include an online trivia hunt, giveaways, and possible guest appearances from the Bradford girls themselves. (Hmm... wonder how well they're getting along these days.)

So, enjoy all the great stuff we have for you today, and keep checking back for the latest updates!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This Book Is So Punk Rock

Micol Ostow is one busy author. When she's not writing the next Bradford novel or creating amazing online content, she writes amazing stand alone books like SO PUNK ROCK (And Other Ways to Disappoint Your Mother), a hybrid prose/graphic novel published by Flux that she created with her brother, illustrator David Ostow. It goes on sale today, so if you like Micol's other books, pick it up at your local bookstore or order it online.

Micol has really gotten the hang of this multi-platform stuff—SO PUNK ROCK's characters come to life in much the same way as the Bradfordians. Check out Ari and Reena's Twitter accounts and The Tribe's My Space page.

Check out the trailer, here:

And let us know what you think about Micol and David's new book!

Monday, June 29, 2009

FASHIONISTA takes the blogosphere by storm!

Or, okay--if not storm per se, there's a small drizzle happenin' up in here.
It's true, folks--the first sighting of a FASHIONISTA review online! Check it out!

Courtesy of the fine folks at BookKids, which seems like a totally fabu indie bookstore. Wish I were closer so I could stop by and thank 'em in person for the shout out! We're keeping vair good company in that article, as well. Note to self: stock up on summer sequel reading.

Now that the first draft of book 3 is complete, we're gearing up for lots of pre-launch book 2 funnage. Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I was thinking of you lovelies the WHOLE TIME!

Reasons why this blog has been so hushity.

Also, a trailer for my non-Bradford project.

(Don't worry--you friendlies will always be my truest).

To bed so I can finish book 3 TOMORROW!