Friday, February 6, 2009

Fun on Fridays: Jeremy's Back to School Playlist

For today's Fun on Friday post, we're getting some musical guidance from Bradford's number one authority on great indie bands, Jeremy Brown. 

(He also happens to be Spencer's ex-boyfriend—who recently returned from a year of traveling within Africa with his parents and about whom she may have some unresolved feelings. Swoon.)

Listen to Jeremy's Back to School Soundtrack (which he says is best enjoyed on shuffle) and let us know what you think!

Jeremy also wanted to include this song from the Pixies, but it wasn't available on So enjoy it here:

If you like Jer's taste in music, you might also want to check out his Tumblr blog, Out of Africa, where he occasionally shares songs, quotes, vids, and random thoughts that interest him. 

And if you're looking for this week's Bradford Blog Bash giveaway winners, check back later today!


  1. Ooh, a Jeremy mix! I smell a new writing soundtrack.

  2. Great mix! Okay, there's a few I don't like in there but it's mostly stuff I love.

  3. Jeremy has great taste in music. And his avatar cracks me up.

  4. It's there for me. Perhaps it's just having trouble loading up on your computer?

    You can also access it here:

  5. Hmm, yes it may be a problem with my computer here at work. I couldn't access the link you sent me either. Which is ashame because Jeremy's taste in music is like mine . . . like, exactly like mine. Uncanny.