Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Breaking News: New NYC Events!

Well my friendlies, you heard it HERE first: I have just confirmed dates for two brand spankin' NEW GoldenGirl events that will take place as part of the first-ever NYC Teen Author Festival.
The Festival itself will run from 3/16-3/22, and you lucky, lucky readers will have lots of opportunities to hear from many kick-a$$ young adult authors (rumor has it that Scott Westerfeld and David Levithan will be reading from some of the writing they did when they were wee young adults, themselves. I predict laughter and hijinks).
Check out the Festival Facebook group page for more general info.

Yours truly will be reading from GoldenGirl as part of the Five-Borough Read. I'll be in Staten Island (and am feeling quite proud of myself for traveling off of mainland Manhattan, thank you very much).

Come see me at:
St. George Library Center, 5 Central Avenue

And check it: I'll be reading with:
Kate Brian, Judy Goldschmidt, Michael Northrop, and Lynn Weingarten! Excellent authors, one and all!
(And some of my besties, in point of fact.)

BUT WAIT—there's more!
I will *also* be participating in what has been titled "The Biggest Teen Author Signing EVER" (those caps aren't even mine)!
Come get yourself an autographed copy of GoldenGirl at Books of Wonder (a totally fabu indie bookstore, btw).

From the press release:

The Biggest Teen Author Signing EVER
Sunday, 3/22, Books of Wonder, 4pm

Join over 40 authors for a signing extravaganza as they take over Books of Wonder, sign books, and converse with fans new and old. An incredible event that is sure to go down in book-signing history.

OVER FORTY amazing authors? Yowza. I have seen the lineup, and let me tell you, there are some heavy hitters on it, including: Robin Wasserman, Megan McCafferty, Coe Booth, Judy Blundell, Maureen Johnson, E. Lockhart, Cecily Von Ziegesar, and MOREMOREMORE!

Now, to go prepare my reading selection. A girl can never plan too far ahead, wouldn't you agree?


  1. Why does New York get all the authors? D:

  2. Oh man, I wanna go to these! And Books of Wonder is pretty much the greatest store ever.

  3. I love Books of Wonder, too, and they don't stock much of the mass market teen stuff, so I'm excited to have a chance to participate in an event there.
    Don't worry, StevieB--soon you will be a mega-bestselling YA author and your publisher will FLY you to NYC for these kind of events!

  4. Man, I wish that I lived close to New York. But, I do love living in AZ...

  5. WoW I wished I livedi n New York too! I just finished GoldenGirl and I am now waiting (impatiently) for the next book!


  6. Christy, we wish you could come out, too! Glad to hear that you liked GoldenGirl.

  7. OMG I will totally be there! Yay for being a New Yorker!

  8. I will def be at The Books of Wonder one. Is that near The Strand?