Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Dog Ate My Blog Post

I know, I know, that's so TOTES not an excuse! I am filled to the veriness with apologies for the fact that the BLOG BASH WINNERS have still not been posted! I could babble on about how completely and unexpectedly insane these last two months have been--which would be utterly and completely true*--or I could just swear on Chanel and Zac Posen to have the names up for you tomorrow, just in time for the weekend!

And just to raise the stakes--if I'm lyin', and the info doesn't go up by 11:59pm EST tomorrow, I will give away one whole entire extra surprise prize package at random.

For realsies.

*(said craziness did indeed include not one but TWO marathon plotting sessions for new books in the Bradford series--d'you forgive me now?)

TGI (almost) F, my most prettiest friendlies!

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