Monday, January 26, 2009

Bradford Blog Bash!

This is not a test, friendlies—the Bradford Blog Bash is kicking off TODAY!

If you will kindly refer to the image on the left, you will see that, while GoldenGirl is officially set to release on Tuesday, 1/27, some eagle-eyed folks have already spotted it out there in the retail wilds, spreading joy and blogtasticness amongst your friendly neighborhood teen readers' sections.



And in honor of all of the Brad-fabulosity, we will be hosting a month-long Bradford Blog Bash that starts, as I mention, NOW NOW NOW!

We've got a tentative schedule of sorts for ya:

Mondays: will be Mondays with Micol, aka: a q&a with little old me, at the end of which I'll be shooting the q's out to you-all. If you post a response, you may just win yourself a special pressie. No lie.
Tuesdays: we'll have Awesome Authors: that is, interviews with lots of your favorite YA writerly types (many of whom will be offering copies of their books as giveaways, which is awfully nice of them, I must say).
Wednesdays: we will run Behind the Scenes with Bradford, where we give you a little glimpse into the making of our humble series.
Thursdays: will feature a Blogger of the Day, aka a super-loverly book blogger who comes by to chat with us (spreading the web-wealth; it's the Bradfordly way!).
And Friday is my fave: Fun on Friday, quizzes and other cool stuff, in addition to announcing the prizewinners of the week.

So. Much. Funness.

Thank goodness I don't have to.

OH—and lest I forget, here is a link to the groovadelic Pop Culture Junkie's review of GoldenGirl:

AND a reminder that I'll be chatting with The Page Flipper tonight:, 8pm EST.

Come party with us, pretty please!